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Every time we move I change. I change who I am, I change my focus in life, I change this blog. Every time we move it gives me the ability to start over... Read More

Disability Land

I’ve been stuck in the same place with no ability to move. I’ve spent the last month in “Disability Land”, you know, the place where everything you do and everything you see is... Read More

Ron’s 12 birthday

I can’t believe he is 12, this not-so-tiny person of mine. And he has been waiting for his birthday for a long time. A long, long time. Someone, and I am not pointing... Read More

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Christmukah part 2 – How Christmukah came to be

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The truth is in real life I don’t need to justify Christmukah anymore, but this is a new blog with new readers, and maybe it’s not justifying but explaining. I was debating with myself for a week now if it’s necessary or not to explain here … Read More

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