It is always a surprise for everyone that I don’t like talking about myself, after all I write a blog about me so how hard can it be? Well, you’d be surprised. And if I have to do it in a short and concise way? Then I’m really in trouble.

But I do have a video!

And though it is not very short, and I laugh in the middle, it is an excellent video that was done by Coursebirdie and it tells you all about me and my blog –


If you want a really short version of the personal stuff –

My name is Orli, I am a wife, a mum, and a blogger. In our 16 years together Hidai (great husband, weird name) and I have been through (almost) everything you can imagine. Some of it was good, some of it bad, and none of it was ever boring. We have two great kids – Ron, who is a gifted 11 years old football fanatic, and Yon, who is a Minecraft-crazy 7 years old who has Aspergers and Ocular Albinism, a genetic condition that impairs his vision severely.

At the end of 2009 we relocated through Hidai’s work from Israel to Gibraltar (a tiny tiny British overseas territory in the south of Spain) when Ron was 4 years old and Yon 4 months old. After two and a half years of lots of fun and lots of tough times we decided to move again, this time we chose London – our favourite city in the world, where we stayed for another two and a half years and went through all the fun of getting Yon’s formal diagnosis, understanding what being an immigrant is really like, building the blog and we even got to see Arsenal win the FA cup in 2014 (trust me, in my house it was a huge thing). After that there was nothing left to do, so we moved again, this time to Berlin where we stayed for a year an a half, trying to learn German and not gain too much weight (the food, oh the food).
On April 2016 we decided it’s time for a change and that life isn’t crazy enough and we set out on a cross-Europe tour, with the hope to see as much as we can of Europe before we decide where will be our next destination.
This is the map of where we’ve been so far –

A Few More Steps is my story, and so it has my weird sense of humour, mixed up with the tears and lots of chocolate and laundry references. It is also the story of raising a child with disabilities and doing it our way, the story of raising kids when you constantly move around, and the story of being an immigrant in this day and age.

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