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Salzburg hostel experience
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There is something in the view that changes the minute you cross from Czech Republic into Austria. Salzburg, and its surrounding areas, are magnificent. It was the first time that we enjoyed the driving... Read More

First destination – Prague
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Prague was chosen as our first destination, after many hours of contemplations, because of very good reasons – it’s close, which is always nice; it’s accessible by train, which is our favourite mode... Read More

Netherlands redo trip
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The Netherlands has it in for us. Maybe it’s because we keep calling it Holland instead of the Netherlands (my autocorrect keeps calling it the Netherworld but that’s a different story), maybe it’s... Read More

On Brussels and Belgian chocolate
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Sometimes, and I am putting it mildly here, all is not as it should be. It all started on the way to the airport, at quarter past four in the morning, when I realised I... Read More

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